lazyvim and obsidian.nvim
lazyvim and obsidian.nvim Obsidian and obsidian.nvim I’ve spent most of my software career editing text in vi or its successors, vim or neovim. Not only do I feel comfortable in vim, but I find myself missing its functionality when I use other editors. While I generally enjoy using obsidian’s UI, I still reach for vim when I want to refactor or perform complex operations. My .vimrc has gotten quite crufty over the years, but it’s worked for me, so I haven’t bothered fixing it up.
August 2023 in writing
August 2023 in writing As mentioned earlier, I finished my first draft on August 15. I’ve spent the last couple weeks re-outlining my first POV, tightening the story, keeping the mystery intact by making sure every suspect has something that they’re hiding. In September I want to write the second draft for the first POV and possibly re-outline the 2nd POV. Re-outlining I’m going about this using a number of methods… I have an unpublished blog post draft about this., iSH, and the second draft, iSH, and the second draft I’ve started thinking about the book as a whole again. I’m rewriting the elevator pitch / logline / controlling idea first, so I can easily tell if a scene doesn’t fit before I write it. I have this long laundry list of fixes in Things that I need to get to. A new map that fits the story. Non-placeholder names. A stronger sense of progression.
First Draft COMPLETE
First Draft COMPLETE Finish[ed] the damned thing. (Thanks to J. Michael Straczynski) The first draft of anything is shit. — Ernest Hemingway Every first draft is perfect, because all a first draft has to do is exist. It's perfect in its existence. The only way it could be imperfect would be to NOT exist. — Jane Smiley All great stories began as shitty first drafts. There are no exceptions to this.
July 2023 in writing
July 2023 in writing July was a trainwreck. I had planned to finish my first draft by the 20th. Instead, I slowed down and even stopped my progress due to a confluence of issues. I’m barely past my end-of-June word count at the end of July. I’m hoping this is a blip. My plan for August is to finish the damned thing. And start the 2nd draft. Archer We had to put Archer down on the 14th, five months after his initial cancer diagnosis.