Restarting the 3rd POV
Restarting the 3rd POV The past week, most of our energy and attention has gone towards keeping Archer comfortable and happy. That, combined with some other things, insomnia, worry, and the lack of an outline that I believe in, meant writing was my 4th priority that I kept skimping on. I did manage to rethink the new 3rd POV structure and outline, but I haven’t had the energy or focus to get all of those thoughts concrete in writing.
Revisiting the 3rd POV
Revisiting the 3rd POV Confession: I’ve stopped most of the way through my first draft. Today will mark the second day in a row where I didn’t complete a scene, even though I’m only 16 scenes away from the end of the first draft. I realized that this POV arc is completely wrong. I can slog through writing these 16 scenes, knowing that I’ll throw away most or all of them.
June 2023 in writing
June 2023 in writing In June, I finished writing the first draft of the 2nd POV character’s arc, and started on the 3rd and final POV character. I’ve written 77 of 97 outlined scenes; 41 1/2 of 48 outlined chapters. I averaged a little over a scene per day. At my current pace I will finish up the first draft by ~July 20. 2nd POV lessons The story was a little too disjointed in the second POV.
May 2023 in writing
May 2023 in writing In May, I finished writing the first draft of the main POV character’s arc, and started on a 2nd POV character. First Draft Progress I’ve written 45 of 97 outlined scenes; 23 2/3 of 48 outlined chapters. I could try to power through and finish the first draft by the end of June, but life is rearing its head: jury duty summons, a family vacation, concerts, plus the Diablo 4 launch.
First POV complete
First POV Complete Today I finished the first draft for the first POV arc. (That means my overall first draft is ~1/3 finished. My previous analogy of Pulp Fiction is somewhat inaccurate. A better analogy might be Cryptonomicon, if I finished the modern day arc and wanted to go back to write the 2 main World War 2 arcs later.) I’m pretty happy about it. Safe ally I dropped the protagonist in the middle of a conflict ridden world.