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es·cape win·dow, n.

  1. a window that provides egress in case of emergency.
  2. one's timeframe and/or ability to extract oneself from a dangerous situation (aerial combat, time warps, or black ICE).
  3. a [ssh/web/irc] computer window which provides a link to a world outside of soul-sucking cubicle hell.
  4. a 21st century band formed by aki sasaki, currently in slave unit, formerly of dark secret love and black snake moan. see also: grunt pig lust, the pot noodle riots of '07, beans.


2011.08.31: Little Gothic Baby
All the Meat Wants - Little Gothic Baby
I recorded another solo for Finn.
Take a listen.

2011.06.18: Guilty Remix
Gravity Kills - Guilty - escape(window) unrepentant mix
I remixed Gravity Kills!!!
Take a listen.

2010.09.30: Fracture
All the Meat Wants - Fracture
I recorded a solo, and some noodly clean guitar bits, for Finn.
Take a listen.

2009.07.26: Slave Unit Remixes
Slave Unit - Etched (Escape(Window) Bowel Disrupter Mix)
Slave Unit - Go (Escape(Window) Haunted Mix)
are available on the Certificate of Participation cd.

2007.07.25: BSM Remix
Black Snake Moan - Tension (Escape(Window) Technotrousers Mix)
Is available on the Escape(Window) MySpace page.

2007.04.16: New track
Escape(Window) - Pondering Weighty Matters in the Early Hours

2005.08.07: New track
Escape(Window) - Five Years

2004.08.15: New track
Escape(Window) - A Drink Before I Die

2004.07.15: New track
Escape(Window) - Labyrinthine Catacombs

2004.03.22: New track
Escape(Window) - An Act of Desperation

Welp, there's a website now. Not much here yet. If you want in on the mailing list (just announcements, no spam) or just want to say hi, drop me a line.


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