Restarting the 3rd POV

The past week, most of our energy and attention has gone towards keeping Archer comfortable and happy. That, combined with some other things, insomnia, worry, and the lack of an outline that I believe in, meant writing was my 4th priority that I kept skimping on.

I did manage to rethink the new 3rd POV structure and outline, but I haven’t had the energy or focus to get all of those thoughts concrete in writing.

I finally decided that I’d rather write than not write. Enough of the rest of the book is there to provide structure. I decided to work off a vague in-my-head outline. I moved the first chapter of the 3rd POV to my snippets folder, created a new empty markdown file, planned out the scene/chapter, and wrote it. I’ll do the same with the second chapter tomorrow.

This is halfway between plotting and pantsing. I’ll see how it goes. But I’m happy that I’m writing again :)