June 2024 in writing

Good progress

I’m two scenes away from finishing Draft 2.5’s POV2. I’m a little over 72% done by scene count, and that’s after I cut two finished scenes. (To improve the story, reduce redundancy, and reduce word count.)

My writing seems to slow to a crawl when I’m writing the climactic battle scenes. But I figured out how to get them to work, and what needs to change in earlier scenes to add impact. I need to re-read everything to see if that worked :)

My library days help break up the routine. And I’ve been getting a lot of ideas during long dog walks… I think because I’m so immersed in the work.

Here, have a photo of my fingerprint-smudged, travel-portable standing desk.

portable standing desk

Requisite distraction section

This month I had to deal with our expiring COBRA insurance. Yay for privatized health care! I should hopefully be done with insurance shopping next month.

Also, we spent quite a bit of time housebreaking the puppy… she knows how to go outside, and yet she keeps peeing on the puppy pads. So far, she’s winning.

Plans for July and after

Next month, I’ll finish POV2. I’ll start and possibly finish Draft 2.5’s POV3. (If I finish, I’ve finished Draft 2.5[!])

After Draft 2.5, I’ll:

  • Revisit the outline
  • POV1: Rewrite in first person; add description/specifics; replace the placeholder names with real names
  • POV2: Rewrite to be tighter and punchier; add description/specifics; replace the placeholder names with real names
  • Look at what needs fixing in POV3

I probably won’t share the book with beta readers, writing groups, friends, and/or family until after I finish Draft 3.


Cutting the two finished scenes removed 3585 manuscript words.

Draft 2.5 is already at 111k words, and I still have to write POV3. (I’m aiming for ~120k words.)

Luckily, so far my rewritten scenes are better written, more descriptive, and shorter.

Manuscript markdown files: 68
Manuscript words: 111204
Total markdown files: 451
Total words: 292009