May 2024 in writing

Good progress

From May 25:

At this point in Draft 1, I could tell that POV 2 needed some major structural overhauls. At this point in Draft 2.5, I can tell POV 2’s prose needs some rewriting to work, but overall the structure seems to be holding up. Progress :)

I wrote 18 scenes in 31 days, not my preferred pace but I’m getting there. I also reduced the total number of scenes down to 96.

If I write a scene per day, I’ll finish in July. If I keep at my current pace, I’ll finish in August.

Continuing Draft 2.5

I’ll try to finish POV 2 in June. At that point I’ll be 2/3 done in terms of POVs, but POV 3 is the shortest in terms of wordcount and scenes. Maybe more like 3/4 done?

I haven’t touched the 1st person conversion for POV 1. I may do a quick-ish Draft 3 before I send this manuscript out to beta readers.


The word count is concerning, but it is what it is. I’ll get it right and then look to trim.

Manuscript markdown files: 55
Manuscript words: 89388
Total markdown files: 444
Total words: 278315