April 2024 in writing

Still slowly but surely

From April 23:

Since then, I edited 7 scenes from the 2nd POV, bringing me to 37 scenes out of 98 completed for Draft 2.5. At this average rate, I’ll finish sometime in August. But if I keep up the scene per day from the past week, I may finish at the end of July.

First person

I also dabbled a bit with converting the 1st POV from third-person limited, past-tense into first person, past-tense.

I’m hoping I can continue this process while I’m finishing the other POVs’ Draft 2.5. Perhaps that’s ambitious.

Life happens


Both of our pups went through surgery this month. Rye got spayed and is fully recovered. Whiskey had a preventative procedure and is hopefully past the worst of the recovery.

New tools / toys

I bought a Raspberry Pi and took that opportunity to re- set up my tmux and neovim configurations from scratch. I’ve got a draft blog post about that.

Continuing Draft 2.5

In June, I want to write / edit most of the 34 remaining scenes of my POV 2. Converting the rest of my POV1 scenes to first person is a stretch goal :)


My manuscript is going to blow way past my hoped-for 120k word count. Finishing Draft 2.5 is a more important goal, but I’ll look to see if there are words or side arcs I can cut.

Manuscript markdown files: 37
Manuscript words: 63975
Total markdown files: 425
Total words: 269034