New year. New career.

December felt like I was in limbo, a bit. I wanted to set up my business so I needed to revamp my site and create a placeholder portfolio. I wanted to avoid using my work laptop for anything new for Reasons, knowing I would need to wipe it eventually anyway. And the whole Lastpass breach convinced me to migrate to Bitwarden while I rotated all 600+ passwords.

Today was my last day. I wiped my laptop and reinstalled everything I needed to start feeling productive again. (The hardest part was getting gnupg files auto-encrypting and decrypting when I write/read them in nvim, but that’s working!)

I definitely missed the larger screen and the commandline for more complex file manipulation.

Now that that’s all done I have this great feeling of finally getting myself unblocked.

I had a big grin on my face as I took the dogs for a walk in the snow… just that mental switch changed everything. I have time and headspace for my personal projects now. I should take advantage of that.

The main thing I’ve noticed I miss now is the camaraderie. There’s something about having a team you can easily chat with that I’ve gotten used to. I may start blogging more to help adjust.