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6 May 2014

Gaia Try


We're now running Gaia tests on TBPL against Gaia pull requests.

John Ford wrote a commit hook in bug 989131 to push an update to the gaia-try repo that looks like this. The buildbot test scheduler master is polling this repo; when it sees a change, it triggers tests against the latest b2g desktop builds. The test jobs download the pre-built desktop binaries, and clone the appropriate pull-request Gaia repo and revision on top, then run the tests. The buildbot work was completed in bug 986209.

This should allow us to verify our code doesn't break anything before it's merged to Gaia proper, saving human time and reducing code churn.

Armen pointed out how gaia code changes currently show up in the push count via bumper processes, but that only reflects merged pull requests, not these un-reviewed pull requests. Now that we've turned on gaia-try, this is equivalent to another mozilla-inbound (an additional 10% of our push load, iirc). Our May pushes should see a significant bump.